Can you easily take out a loan when you are retired?

In the past, banks were known to be very inflexible when it came to loans for retirees.

But today, with the banks competing with each other for more customers, the increase in the purchasing power of seniors favors the demand for credit from retirees within these lending establishments. This is not the only financial concern of seniors, as you can see by clicking on the link.

The loan criteria for retirees

The loan criteria for retirees

As with anyone applying for a loan, the main things the banks look at first are the income and expense levels and the documents that make up the loan record. When a retiree applies for a bank loan, these rules do not really differ from those of a salaried worker.

It is more than probable that a retired person will have a relational history with the bank with which he makes a request; many retirees can thus have investments, a mortgage and savings with their bank, without forgetting of course the credit cards they hold and good overdraft facilities, which will be reflected in their credit scores.

These factors will all be taken into account by the bank when a retiree wants to borrow, depending on the amount of money they are looking to borrow and the repayment schedule they are considering.

Loan approval requirements

The justifications required when a retired person requests a loan, however, differ from an employee. In the case of a young employee, he must generally present copies of bank statements and proof of regular income such as payslips or income statements. For retirees, proof of income documentation will take the form of a copy of details of pension or retirement income.

Some banks may be willing to finance loans with just a state pension as collateral, but these loans are likely to have higher interest rates. As such, banks are not overly concerned with the sources of income; they are more interested in the level of your income and the length of time you will continue to receive this income.

Some retired people who have invested wisely and accumulated a substantial annual income may have more money to come than just an employee, for example. If you are, there is no reason why your bank is not lending you money.

Use of property as mortgage

When retirees take out loans, banks can use their real estate as a mortgage. If you own your own home or pay a mortgage, then you will be able to use this property as collateral when applying for a bank loan. Remember, if you use your home as collateral, the bank may have the right to repossess and sell your home if you can no longer honor your monthly payments. This rule is not specific to bank loans for retirees who use their home as collateral, it applies to anyone who mortgages property.

Teacher home loan: what conditions?


It is said to be the most beautiful profession in the world. And if it was also interesting, when is the time to take out a mortgage?

As a civil servant, are you entitled to a specific mortgage?

As a civil servant, are you entitled to a specific mortgage?

As a civil servant, you have a special status when you want to take out a loan to become the owner of a house or an apartment. It does not matter, in this case, if you prefer new property or if you wish to opt for an old house with or without work to be carried out. If the mortgage for civil servants is a somewhat special loan, it does not, however, take into account the total cost of the purchase. You will also need to take out an approved loan or a Social Accession Loan (PAS).

Please note, the amount you will receive will depend on several factors. The geographical area in which you want to acquire your property, but also the specifics of this accommodation. For this, we will take into account, for example, the number of parts that constitute it.

Loan and surety insurance: what are your privileges as a teacher?

Loan and surety insurance: what are your privileges as a teacher?

Whether you are a public servant or not, you are not immune to a life accident. This is why the bank will always ask you to take out borrower insurance but also to have a deposit. This allows him to have the assurance of always being reimbursed, even if, after a few years, you find yourself in the momentary or permanent inability to pay your installments. Concerning the borrower insurance, it can be obtained with a preferential rate, by your mutual insurance company, as an official. This can be done through a lower rate. This point should be checked with the mutual insurance company you have chosen.

As a teacher, you can obtain a deposit with guarantees free of charge, from certain dedicated organizations. However, you will need to provide proof of your creditworthiness to these entities. Because it is possible to obtain a refusal if the file is at risk (debt ratio too high, to allow the loan, accumulation of debts, which jeopardize the budget …). Being a teacher or civil servant; even if it favors certain steps, do not protect you from a refusal.

Find the best bank when you are a teacher and want to become an owner:

Find the best bank when you are a teacher and want to become an owner:

Being a teacher is nevertheless a basic asset, if you wish to become an owner. Having a personal contribution is also a plus, if you want to be considered a good file. However, it is better not to settle for these privileges and to maximize your chances of finding the best mortgage loan offer. For this, nothing could be simpler, if you use an online comparator.

By filling in different fields, you will be directed to the banking establishments that offer you the best loan offer. You can also contact a mortgage broker. Its job is, based on your file, to find the bank that is right for you. Low rates, good repayment tenure, everything that is important, in the context of a mortgage is past is screened, for you to obtain satisfaction.