February 19, 2014

Starting out with WordPress hosting

When starting out with a new online business there are many aspects to consider. Do I need to hire a web designer? What other things will I need to talk into account. These are the questions that I wanted to address for this post, in particular WordPress hosting. Speaking of experience if you don’t pick the right hosting company from the start it can be quite the hassle later on down the road when trying to move to another company which is why we suggest you look at this list of the best WordPress hosting companies. But before we tackle hosting lets address these questions.

What do I need to consider when starting a new online business?

To start a new online business you need a website. Now you can go ahead and just hire someone to build you a fancy custom website but this is expensive and time consuming. We ¬†advise that you use WordPress and pick a theme that you like of which there’s thousands. While you can get a good theme for free there’s also ones you can pay for at around $39 which are higher quality. So with these choices you now have a new website which only cost $39. Cool.

Next you’ll need to ‘host’ your website on a server. Is basically means that a hosting company stores the files of WordPress on their servers so when a visitor comes to your website those files are then served to that person. While it can get technical, there’s no need. You simply need to pick a hosting company, which can be quite tricky without knowing what to look for. Thankfully, there has been lists already on WordPress hosting companies which cover mostly shared WordPress hosting which is fine when you’re just starting out but as you develop your website you might find yourself needing a bigger, faster service. If this does occur then you’ll need to move to a more expensive service – an example of such a company is shown in this WP Engine review. As you can see they are very very fast and are for websites with a good amount of traffic but shared hosting will do just fine for now.

More details on WP Engine can be seen in this video:

Once your website is live you’ll then need to start producing content and marketing your business to start getting customers. There’s many ways to to this from SEO and trying to gain traffic from the search engines to Adwords, paying advertising fees to try and gain traffic. You’ll have to see what works for your business. Adwords can get expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing so consider hiring a pro or at least doing some research on your own to try and help you save money while keeping conversion high.

This is basically the basics of what you’ll need. Next up we’ll go into more depth about how how to make your online business successful.